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Hi Jason,
Jake, Phil, and I had a great time fishing with you. Our entire family had plenty of walleye for supper, with some left over---thanks to your guiding skill. Thanks for giving us a wonderful experience!
Jim July 4, 2018

Charlie Worrath clients with a cooler full of crappie
Charlie's clients with a
cooler full of crappie

Subject: Crappie Cooler Extravaganza
We wanted to express to you how much fun we had fishing with you and eating your special shore supper. My wife especially enjoyed catching so many more Crappies than all of us, (it's going to be a long winter listening to her fish stories). My brother in-law, took so many pictures we thought you would like to add this one to your collection of happy customers. The shore supper was fantastic, we ate all the fish, potatoes and beans. Sorry you had to witness us licking the plates. It must have been that C&J fish batter. Oh and if you need any references regarding where to find and how to catch Sunfish/Bluegill we would be pleased to recommend you as the expert..... See you next year,
Marcia,John & Gary September 18, 2016

Jason Boser with Erik Houle
A limit of fish from Bowstring Lake!

We were blessed today with another amazing day of fishing with Jason. He was thinking outside the box and wanted to try a different lake and he nailed it. We caught our limit and had an awesome day despite a few mishaps. Jason always knows where the fish are!! Best of all I earned the bragging rights AGAIN this year. Better luck next year boys. Thanks for the great day!
Jodie July 9, 2016

We can not thank you enough for giving us an incredible day fishing on Bowstring Lake today. You are such a professional fisherman and a wonderful person. We loved every minute of it. If you ever need a reference, please give our names. We just finished eating the freshest walleye that we have ever eaten! Unbelievable! Of course it was made with your special seasoning.
Thanks again. What an amazing day!
Take care,
Judy June 8, 2016

Hi Charlie,
I've sent an email request for your services sometime during the week of July 8 to July 15, 2017 and promised you a follow up email so here it is. First off, my son-in-law Lendon and I truly enjoyed our day of fishing with you on that windy June 20th Monday. Your efforts to put us on the fish is still talked about by us today. We know you were disappointed that we didn't catch our limits, but we all know that very few anglers out that day did AND most did not, period!
So, stop beating yourself up!!!
I am certain in my own mind that nobody, and I do mean no other guide, was more committed to putting his clients on the fish than YOU!
You exemplify what a true professional in your chosen profession should be. You are not only knowledgeable, you are committed to doing your best and you went way beyond what was necessary.
It was a fun time for us, but we felt bad for you. You worked your tail off Sure hope we can hook up next summer.
Charlie Marks July 29, 2016

Jason Boser with Cam
Jason with long-time client Cam

Jason Thanks again for two great days with you again. The boys always look forward to fishing with you no matter how the fishing is its always an adventure with you! Didn’t know if you got the picture of Cam, with the BIG walleye on Winnie, getting to experience big water fishing! The only bad thing is we have to wait another year to get back up there and fish with you again and have the awesome shore dinner. Let me know when you make the schedule for next year we’ll definitely line up a couple days with you again.
Thanks again and take care
Craig July 7, 2016

Jason Boser with Erik Houle
A limit of fish from Bowstring Lake!

We were blessed today with another amazing day of fishing with Jason. He was thinking outside the box and wanted to try a different lake and he nailed it. We caught our limit and had an awesome day despite a few mishaps. Jason always knows where the fish are!! Best of all I earned the bragging rights AGAIN this year. Better luck next year boys. Thanks for the great day!
Jodie July 9, 2016

We can not thank you enough for giving us an incredible day fishing on Bowstring Lake today. You are such a professional fisherman and a wonderful person. We loved every minute of it. If you ever need a reference, please give our names. We just finished eating the freshest walleye that we have ever eaten! Unbelievable! Of course it was made with your special seasoning.
Thanks again. What an amazing day!
Take care,
Judy June 8, 2016

Thank you for the guide service you and Ken provided. It was one of the better guide service I have encountered. Shore lunch ( dinner) was great. Chris and I fished with Ken and he was awesome. I never had to get out of my chair. I hope you shared some of the tip money with Ken. Tell him to used it to buy a cell phone that floats. Since he has lost so many in the lakes. I did lose my Aaron Rodgers GreenBay hat in the middle of Winnie. If someone snags it, please mail it back to me. I will pay the postage. Ha Ha
I and all the other Eckblad boys had a great time
Tim September 6, 2015

Just wanted to thank you again for another great day with you. You always make it fun and enjoyable for everyone and Cam will not stop talking about that 30” Northern he caught with you! We had a great time the rest of the week and I don’t think I got a chance to fish after that day with you because the boys were catching fish left and right on the lake all week long. When you get around to making the schedule for next year let me know.
Thank you again for all your help and patience
Craig June 30, 2015

I'm sorry I haven't done this sooner, but it's been a crazy week. Words can't express how much we enjoyed the day. If it could have been any better, I don't know how. Your patience, perseverance, professionalism is unmatched. And it was greatly appreciated. I don't think Jon talked about anything else the whole trip home. Truly, I'd like to do it again. I hope I can figure a way to make that happen. Thank You for a very special experience.
Dale D. May 22, 2015

Wanted to say thanks for the great day on leech. Tom and Cody have not quit smiling. You did a lot of work ... you made us a very good memory and we will do it again. thank you.
Darren C. May 24, 2015

Charlie Worath client with walleye
Charlie Worrath client

Sir Charles (Limited)
Well just when we thought last years fishing was the best. You out did it again. (Limited) in Walleye, (Limited) in Crappies in 1 hour all in one day. WOW. Second day (limited) Northern, and you cooked the best shore lunch. Your fish batter and your potato's and onions.... Yummmm.To top it all of 1/2 day (limited) on Bluegills. Thanks Sir Charles the Limited. See you next year

Another amazing fishing trip with Jason Boser. Aiden had a blast again this year and Erik just loves being on the water. Thanks so much again Jason. Until next year :)
Jodie and Erik H., August 24, 2014

Thanks again for the great day of fishing on Red Lake. Everyone I tell about it can't believe it. Also, thanks for the fishing gear. I hope I get to count 160 walleyes again sometime in the future with my counter! I did make Ernie and Mike frustrated again as later in the week I caught a 25 inch walleye! The biggest of our trip. Hope you have a very successful remainder of the fishing season. Hope to see you again next spring.
Steve D. June 20, 2014

I just wanted to send a quick e-mail and thank you for an excellent day on the water at Red and Island Lakes last week. My Dad, brother, and myself and a great time and limiting out on walleye made for a perfect day. Your patience and dedication to getting us our limit was way more than expected. Thanks again, and shore lunch was perfect.
Cody H. June 10, 2014

We had a blast in the soaking rain catching one walleye after another. Thank you for teaching us the "Cubby" knot (that's what we call it), your tips and guidance during our two days with you. The best part of the trip was watching Lea catch that huge walleye not realizing there was a slot size limit. The look on her face when you released it back was priceless... We have never been to Minnesota to fish, but plan to return to fish with you next year. Thanks again Cubby for a very memorable, fun and exciting two days. Take Care & Happy Fishing......
Larry & Lea F June 4, 2014

Jason Boser with Hannah L
Jason Boser with client

Hi Jason,
Just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how eternally grateful I am that we got to go out fishing with you yesterday! I speak for Johnny as well and he agreed it was one of the best fishing experiences of his life. I just started getting some of the footage put together, but once I have it all up and edited on our website, I will send you the links!

Again, I can't thank you enough for taking us out on one of your days off. It means a lot to me! Make sure to save the pictures I attached to this email from yesterday.

I definitely owe you!! Maybe a couple white Russians…
Have a great day!
Hannah June 5, 2014

Thank you for another beautiful day on the lake and all the wonderful fish we caught! You will be surprised that both boys stayed up the whole way home!! I would like to share with you the conversation Aiden had with me... he says "I like Jason" and I asked why and he says "because he gave me the best first boat ride and we got to go fast". Apparently you made his day with just a boat ride! :) Thanks again!!!
-Jodi H. August 2013

Jason Boser with young walleye fisherman
Jason Boser with young walleye fisherman

Hi Jason.
I just wanted to thank you again for the fishing trip on June 17 on Sand lake. My son Brent and I had a great time, best fishing day ever. Thanks for all the tips and info. We put it to use the rest of the week. We didn' t catch as many fish as we did on Monday, but we caught something everyday. We had a fish fry and they tasted great. I even ate some, to the shock of everyone.
Thanks again: Bruce Dickson

We just had the best time out there on Friday with you and the various company that floated by! It's such a stress reliever for Jim and just plain fun for me to be able to fish and leave the controls to you. We're always recharged, too, and feel like we can fish better at home. Thanks, again, for everything.
PS We found a recipe for cream of asparagus soup and it's WONDERFUL. Plus, we had crappie sandwiches with some of our catch, and they were really good too.
Jim and Shannon

Jason –
How's your winter going? I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that your “How to fillet a Northern” video on your website is AWESOME. My friends and I got into spearing…what a blast! We used the 5 steak method to clean pike but it seems to waste a lot of meat. I remembered this last summer you showed me how to remove the Y bones. I couldn't remember how to exactly do it until I found your video. All of us are using this method of cleaning now.

Thanks for the video!

See you this summer at the McQuay Fish-a-Roo!

Duane Rothstein
National Account Manager
Daikin McQuay

I would like to thank Jeff Skelly and the other guides to reccomended him on a muski guide fishing trip on Moose lake in Sept 2012.

We were shown and fished the spots were fish should be. Jeff got me and a friend on to the muskies, had seven follows and two hits. It was an excellant day for just a half day trip. Jeff then told me to fish another spot that we did not fish. Later in the afternoon the wife and I went over to that spot to see if we could get a muskie to follow. Using a Butcher bucktail I had one follow, then the next cast the muskie hit the bucktail on a figure 8. Got the muskie in and it was 46 inches and 26 pounds, and released.

Jeff's tips also helped with four more follows over the next few days. Jeff if you need you can use this for your customer reviews.
Thanks, Jerod Lynch January 21, 2013

Professional Fishing guide Charlie Worrath of Charlie's Gone Fishing and happy walleye fishermen
Succesful walleye trip

Uncle Wayne (Glen Peterson) Charlie, Fred & Tim after a super day on the lake. Thank you Charlie. We are looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks also to Danielle & Steve at Lakewood Lodge on Sand Lake for your hospitality.
Best regards,
Fred Erickson

I just read your FM post and I wanted to congratulate you on another great season of fishing,I enjoyed our day with you,Roger and the Woodman. I know this is your favorite time of year and I want to wish you a successful and safe hunting season. Do you guys have a hand gun season for deer,I'd like to come up one fall and show you boys how to shoot a pistol!LOL! Say hi to your cute little wife for me.
Bob J.

Professional fishing guide Charlie Worrath with happy crappie fishing clients
Great crappie catch

Sir Charles:
Marcia and I wanted to let you know what a great time fishing we had with you today. All three of us catching a fish at the same time was very exciting and a first for us. Your shore supper was fantastic, you cook the best fish and your potato's were excellent. We look forward to next years trip as it will mark the 15th year we have been fishing on Winnie.

Gary & Marcia
Mount Pleasant, WI
September 4th, 2012

Jeff Skelly client with walleye
McQuay rep with a
beautiful pike

Charlie –
Sorry I didn't get this to you sooner but I wanted to say THANK YOU for another great McQuay Fish-a-Roo! The feedback from our sales reps and customers was outstanding. Everybody had a better time than expected. We couldn't ask for better weather or better fishing. Everyone said they are definitely coming back in the future. You and all the guides continue to make McQuay's fishing trip first class!

I look forward to next year. (As soon as I have the dates pinned down, I will send them to you so you can get them on your calendar.)

Thanks again for a great time!

Duane Rothstein
National Account Manager
Daikin McQuay

Thanks once again for the great day you provided for my son-in-law Mike, and I on Sand Lake on June 17th. Mike had a fantastic time and your help and advice on that day helped us have a great week of fishing at Lakewood Lodge.
Had a good day on Monday as we filled our limit of walleyes, added more perch , and kept a few bigger northerns as well. Had to eat walleyes so we could fish the next day. Tuesday, it started raining hard about 10:00 AM but we still filled back up on walleyes and got a few perch and northerns. We were off the lake by noon that day and did not get back out as it kept raining harder as the afternoon progressed. Wednesday was our best day as we went out late morning after it quit raining, and stayed out until 8:00 PM. Lot of walleyes and in the evening we got into the perch bigtime, in a bay on the west side of the island, a spot you told us about on Sunday. Thursday was our toughest day, even though we had a good west wind. Fished hard that day but caught only two small walleyes, a few perch and of course, northerns. Because we ate fish every day, we headed into Friday without our limit of walleyes and the day started a lot like the day before. Could mark fish (11-13 ft.) but couldn't coax a bite. Switched to rigs with leaches and crawlers and finally got the 3 nice walleyes we needed. Also we kept northern that day and ended up with our limit of them also.
Would suggest that even experienced fisherman should consider a day with you or one of your group. A majority of our fish were taken at or near the spots we fished in with you on Sunday, and it helped decrease our search time drastically. Also enjoyed the fish fry and the time we spent with you and Charlie at the lodge. It's not all about the fish you catch, as you and your partners appear to be really good people and Mike and I would have enjoyed the day even without the good fishing.
I am definitely coming back. Thinking about fall crappie fishing but I have two daughters getting married in the next 6 months, so this one is only 50/50. For sure, two trips in 2013 (would like to fish Bowstring & Winnie as well), and I will definitely call you to arrange a date.

Thanks again,

Dave Kuntz - July 10, 2012

Jason Boser's fishing guide clients

I had the absolute privelege to share a boat with Jason this last week. The trip was a father daugher type and I wanted my 11 yr old to learn the art of fishing with a jig and minnow. I thought for ease and less headache why not hire a guide and I could not be happier. Jason spent the entire day teaching her to fish with patience and humor. Lets just say I have one happy 5th grader. Thanks Jason.
Darren and Katie Cox - 6/18/2012

To Jason: we spinned all along the eagles nest for about 4 hours and caught 8 northerns 2 perch and a walleye so thats where the fish were, so thanks for showing us that spot while you were with us. and thanks for showing us jessie lake because those were beautiful walleye that we caught esepecialy my 23 in. hog. so thanks for another great year with those excellent fish fries.
C. Medberry - 6/27/2012

The MN Fishing Pros are a wonderful group of people! Not only are they experts at catching fish, they excel at giving back to their community. For three years running (and plans to continue!), this group of fishing guides have volunteered their time and talent to allow people with disabilities an opportunity to experience their “Up North” environment. The brain child of Jason Boser, this “fishing vacation” has been a tradition people look forward to every year. A group of up to 75 people with disabilities and their staff are able to spend a night at Lakewood Lodge in Deer River, MN. The guides arrive by land and water to pick everybody up, catch some fish, then head back to shore for an old fashioned fish fry. The lake is gorgeous, the resort comfortable and accommodating, and no one leaves the boat without catching a fish! They definitely know what they’re doing! And, everything is donated. As much as we appreciate and thank these guides, they take it all in stride.
-- Mains'l

Hi Jason,
Was looking at staying somewhere on Bowstring next year and was wondering if you had any recommendations on places to stay? Was looking at Bowstrings Shores or Snug Harbor but was interested in any recommendations in any place that you've heard was good.
-- Thanks,Craig (8/10/2011)

Hey Jason,
Thanks again for an awesome time fishing and your great cooking! I won’t forget anytime soon reeling in that 27” northern on the boat with you. We’re of course looking ahead to next year to do it with you for a couple days again. The week of June 24 -29 is when we would be looking for a couple days with you. Whenever you find out your schedule just let me know what will work and I’ll get the deposit to you. Thanks Again!
-- Craig (7/12/2011)

On friday we went out and tried all the spots that you went to but we caught nothing so my dad won, you had us catch so much fish that we had to get 2 coolers to hold all of them, also when we were going back on highway 2 we saw you going out with your boat. and thanks again for taking us to where the fish are.
-- Chandler Medberry (7/5/2011)

Hey Charlie,
I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed the day fishing. You are a classy guy, and I would book you again in a heartbeat. Take care; I am mailing a picture and a sample of a brochure.

Seth, Jon and I had a great time with you at Sand Lake in June. Seth will be talking about it until we return next year. His mother reports he is still telling "fish stories" to his buddies in Massachusetts. Again, thanks for a great day of fishing last June.
-- Dennis Carlson

Thanks again for another great trip. I believe this is our twelfth year - how many trips? Probably about 40. I have never been disappointed. Sometimes we worked hard, but we always got fish - almost always our limit of good eaters, plus many, many throw backs -including my personal bests for walleye, northern and crappie. But more important than the fish, I want to thank you for your never ceasing efforts to make my trips an enjoyable experience - wind, rain or shine. You have always supplied comfortable and safe equipment, invaluable knowledge of fish and lakes, great fun and warm friendship!I'll be back soon.
-- David Greening, St. Paul

The fishing trip was absolutely the highlight of our trip. We will never forget catching all of those great Northern Pikes. We packed the fish in dry ice and they were still frozen solid when we got home.
Thanks again for your help.
-- Frank Stancliff

Hi Jason,
Just wanted to drop you a note thanking you again for two great days of fishing. Michelle wanted to know what kind of spices you put in the potatoes and onions you made for the shore lunch? Also she still says when you cooked the fish it was much better than when I do it!
When you get a chance could you email me the pics you have from our trip? I never did get a picture of that 26 incher, too tired after reeling it in. Hope you had a nice vacation over the the 4th. Thanks Again
-- Craig

I thought I'd take just a second to say how much I enjoyed your article, "A Family Fishing Trip." I can tell that I will need to pay attention to some of the points you listed regarding the patience level of kids. Your article has me even more excited to get my two daughters into fishing, and offers so many great tips. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Have a great day,
-- Ian Christian

Thank you so much for the great time on Winnie. Not only did you work hard to try get us on fish, you also offered up many pointers which will help me catch fish in the future. I enjoyed trying different techniques - doing anything we could to get more fish in the boat. Thanks again,
-- Ryan Vigen

Tom, Jason, & Charlie,
I really appreciate you fitting my Dad and I in your schedule on Saturday evening for dinner. The whole day was a blast…from starting off fishing with Bill until we left the Gosh Dam, but the dinner really topped it off as you guys went out of your way to make it there to eat with us. I know my Dad really enjoyed it because he got to hang out with all of his “guide friends” he talks so enthusiastically about. We talked about his memories of Williams Narrows, Winnie, and different stories with each of you the rest of the weekend. I personally really enjoyed seeing my Dad so excited to see you guys…that stuff seems to mean a lot more to me (and him) as we get older. I wish each of you a great fall and hope you enjoy your “time off”…if there is such a thing. If you ever want to take a trip down to see a Wild game feel free to drop me a line and I will see what I can do. Thanks for everything and hopefully I will get a chance to fish with each of you in the future. Take care
-- Rob

PS: Please thank your brides for making the time as well. I think my Dad likes the attention and hugs he gets from them as much as fishing on Winnie!

Hi Charlie,
Many thanks for a nice time on the lake. As I mentioned to you on the phone, the fishing was good and the company even better. You, Jason, Kenny, and his son left Eric and I with some nice memories to reflect on (my dad had a nice time but he’ll never leave Green Bay again – he’s not used to catching more than 6 perch a day). Tell Jason and Kenny thank from us. Thanks to Terri for contributing to our shore lunch. It was really a pleasure to meet her. If we go again, I would do it the same way.
-- John

Thanks for taking us out on Tuesday. We had a great time with you, not to mention the fishing was the best I have had in a long time. I can't wait until next year. Keep your hook baited.
-- Russell Gilliam

I just got home and put away my limit of fish (to be enjoyed this weekend). I wanted to let you know how much Scott and I enjoyed our day on “Winnie” with you. As you know, I had fished with you in the past and I was confident that you would “work” as much as necessary to make our outing relaxing, successful, worry free, educational and memorable! They say a day fishing always beats a day at work; I was able to fish and relax, yet, stay in touch with my office/crews as needed for me to feel “O.K” about being away for the day! I believe rewarding my employee (Scott) with a day on the lake was an investment that will prove to be a wise choice. He was very impressed with the shore lunch, your commitment to “get fish” and you overall way of making the day plan to be “Gone Fishing with Charlie” again in the coming months!
-- Steve Hoopman

Just wanted to say a big THANKS to you for an excellent day of fishing. We had a great time and you taught us a lot about fishing for walleye that we needed to know years ago. We did catch some fish during the rest of the week.  If you ever need a reference for your fishing services, please feel free to have anyone contact me.
-- Tim Hirne

Thanks for the great time. Bruce really loved the trip and couldn't stop talking about the fishing. Please email the open dates for next June. I would really like to make this an annual thing.

Thanks again for the great day of fishing Monday. Our whole group was well satisfied!  I'll be getting back to you in about 60 days to schedule for next year!
-- Dan Moran

Thank you for a wonderful day! I had a great time, even if the weather was against us! I found some batter mix before I left town and cooked fish and potatoes your way for the ladies in Minneapolis last evening.
-- Don

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Charlie Worrath on Jason Mitchell Outdoors talking early season walleyes

Jason Mitchell Outdoors host Jason Mitchell with MN Fishing Pro Guide Charlie Worrath and early season walleye

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Jason Mitchell Outdoors host Jason Mitchell with MN FIshing Pro Guide Jason Boser and a Lake Winnibigoshish walleye
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Jason Boser appearing on an episode for the television program Jason Mitchell Outdoors on Lake Winnibigoshish in northern Minnesota. (watch the video)

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